Most Popular Products Offered by Proactiv Solutions

Proactiv Solution offers a wide range of skin products aimed at acne prevention.  While the brand has risen to success over the years, many who have never tried their products wonder what makes them so popular.  Many consumers feel the celebrity hype behind the products is main reason for the company’s success.  While there could be some truth behind this theory, credit is also due to the products offered to the public since some consumers have received effective results.

Proactiv is known for their basic 3-step care system which is also their signature product.  The system includes the Renewing Cleanser (step 1), the Revitalizing Toner (step 2), and the Repairing Treatment (step 3).  Each step is used twice a day.  The products come with special notes to help you protect your skin.  For instance, the benzoyl peroxide has been known to bleach fabrics.  This ingredient is in the first and third step products.  The toner may also create additional skin irritation with recommendations to wear sunscreen when outdoors.

The 3-step system is designed to treat acne and its development.  It focuses on cleaning skin and removing dirt and bacteria that contribute to clogged pores.  The company claims the formulas are easy on the skin and recommend using the products daily to achieve the best results.  The 3-step system is available by subscription.  Many customers claim they love this product and fully stand behind the concept because it delivers good results.  The company claims to have updated the formula to make it gentle on the skin with fewer harsh ingredients.

The Dark Spot Corrector is another popular product that has gotten a lot of good reviews.  The product features hydroquinone that helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and skin discoloration.  Many claim they have noticed a difference in their skin in a few weeks.  The Refining Mask is another popular product that helps reduce irritation while absorbing oil.  The product also received high marks from Allure Magazine.  The product does contain sulfur so those who are allergic to sulfur may need to get an opinion from their doctor before trying the product.

The Green Tea Moisturizer is appealing to those who like to use natural products on their skin.  It’s a hydrating moisturizer that many consumers say help treat dry skin.  The product contains other natural ingredients including iris and macadamia nut.  Many claim the product is great to wear under makeup while being non-greasy.  The Proactiv Deluxe System is one of their latest products that include the basic 3-step system along with an oil-free moisturizer with sun protection.  The deluxe system includes 5 products along with additional benefits including free product samples.

While Proactiv has a variety of top selling products, they have also been recognized by different media outlets for their contributions in acne skin care.  The makers behind the products feel they have revolutionized acne skin care treatment. They say their success is due to using quality ingredients and completing extensive studies to ensure product effectiveness.